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6 TV Series That Ended Too Soon

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We all have that one TV series that we cannot help but get hooked upon. We’re all guilty of binge watching our favourite series till some ungodly hour in the morning, even if you do have that very important job to do first thing in the morning. So, when are favourite TV series are cancelled or their run ends, our reaction looks something like this…


So what are those TV series that went away oh too soon?

Boardwalk Empire




Whilst the Prohibition-era Gangster-flick never really took off in the UK, it was huge in the United States. HBO’s decision to halt the show after 5 seasons was probably a sensible one in terms of ending on a high note, but many felt there was still more we wanted to see from the Boardwalk.


BKB1TW Television Friends



After 10 years and over 230 episodes, you’d think that we would have been bored when the series finally ended in 2004. Alas no, there is still a fascination for Friends, with people still campaigning for a reunion 11 years after the character’s left our screens.





The epic BBC/HBO historical drama only lasted two seasons much to the chagrin of its big fan base, but eventually it became simple too expensive. Despite it finishing far too soon, some would argue that Rome laid the ground work for TV shows such as the hugely-popular Game of Thrones, so its legacy is a positive one.





Definitely a point of much contention amongst its viewers. For some, the series died during Season 2 (crippled by the poorly timed Writer’s Strike), for others, Heroes warranted more than the 4 seasons that it was granted by the powers that be. Whatever the consensus, no one can doubt the loyalty that it instils in its fanbase.

Band of Brothers





The restrictions of history limited the longevity of Band of Brothers to just the one series, but there is no doubt that all of its viewers would have loved to have seen far more of Easy Company.

Family Guy



“Family Guy is still running!” I hear you cry, and you’d be correct. But after 3 seasons, back in 2002 Fox cancelled Family Guy. Releasing that the show really had finished too soon, and following HUGE DVD sales, Fox revived the controversial cartoon, in what is possibly their best-ever move.

Unfortunately, all of our favourite shows are destined to end. Soon the likes of Game of Thrones and maybe even the Simpsons will join this list. What shows do you think ended too soon? Let us know in the comments below.

22 Apr, 15



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