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How to Create the Dream Home Cinema Setup

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Do you love film? Home cinemas are now more affordable and of a higher quality than ever before, so you can have a truly cinematic experience in your own home. Why splash out on cinema tickets when you can enjoy ‘Big Screen’ quality movies from the comfort of your own home with no popcorn rustling or chatterboxes in the back row?

If you’re a true film buff, a top-notch home cinema system deserves a spot on your wish list. Here’s what you’ll need to make it happen:

The Screen

Size isn’t everything when it comes to the screen you choose for your home cinema. If you’re seeking the best possible home cinema experience, size will help you feel immersed in the action, but the quality of the screen is what will really give you that cinematic feel.

High resolution screens (look for 3840 x 2160 for the best of the best) which use OLED technology are amongst the best available in 2016 for picture quality, while many film buffs now opt for a projector in place of a screen for an even bigger, more flexible movie-watching experience. UHD 4K is another technology to look out for if you’re investing in a high-end screen, but most experts agree that OLED is the future.

Mounting your new screen is a crucial part of creating your home cinema. Investing your hard earned money in a costly screen can be nerve-wracking, mounting it on a wall can be absolutely harrowing! One mistake and thousands of pounds of technology could be destroyed. Proper installation by trusted experts who understand how to achieve perfect viewing angles and complete security is well worth investing in.

The Sound

Surround sound is essential for a truly immersive home cinema experience. If you have a large space to work with, 7.1 surround sound systems with large, floor-standing speakers will create the richest sound, but for smaller rooms where clutter needs to be minimised, there are many good quality, compact 5.1 systems which will prove equally transporting. For extra decluttering, consider wall mounting your sound system to keep your space neat and tidy.

The Seating

Unlike the boxed in seating with limited leg room you are stuck with at the cinema, your home cinema is the perfect opportunity to stretch out and luxuriate in your film-watching experience. If you’re planning on welcoming guests to your cinema and really want to push the boat out, specially made, luxury cinema seating can be purchased (yes, complete with cup holders and recline settings – even massage functions!). For smaller setups, a La-Z-Boy or three will make the ultimate, decadent viewing experience.

At Digital Dimensions, we specialise in the wall mounting of screens and sound systems, alongside TV and satellite setups. To start creating your ultimate home cinema, contact our team today on 01473 716 976.

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