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Curved TVs – What’s the Point?

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There’s something very special about that perfect TV. After a year of spectacular, visual new films, such as Star Wars VII, Jurassic World and Avengers Age of Ultron, the importance of a TV that can handle the stunning visuals has never been greater. And now, one of the biggest developments in television design has taken the world of home entertainment – the curved TV. But what’s all the fuss about?
Let’s talk you through some of the best bits.

Wider Field of View, That Widescreen Experience


Bending the edges of the image give the impression that you have a wider field of view, and are watching a larger screen. It’s only an illusion of course as the screens are ostensibly the same size, but it’s a pretty cool one, you have to admit.

When you’re watching something epic, like The Hobbit, that wider field of view can really make a difference to the experience.

Enhanced Sense of ‘Depth’, Just Like 3D

3D Tiger

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Many people who watch on a curved screen for the first time think that it looks like 3D, even if the source itself is only 2D. The reason for this is because curving the edges of the image towards the viewer enhances the visual perception of depth in what you’re watching.

3D TV’s are extremely expensive, so why wouldn’t you replicate the experience, and save a little but of money at the same time?

More Immersive Experience Outside of the Cinema


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Many people believe that curved TVs offer the most immersive experience possible, wrapping themselves around the viewer and cocooning you within the film or television programme itself. When purchasing a TV, you’re effectively looking to replicate the cinema experience, and immerse yourself in the action, so investing in a state of the art curved TV actually makes great sense.

Yes, You Can Wall Mount a Curved TV


We all know, TV’s look best mounted on your wall, and the great news is, curved TV’s can be mounted on your wall, so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Be sure that you have the right wall mount, as many conventional wall mounts, won’t work with curved TVs. Of course, you could simply ask Digital Dimensions to mount it for you.

Most Importantly, They Look So Cool

More Curved TVs

Image Source

Why else do people really buy curved TV’s. Let’s be honest here. If you’re a bit tech savvy, then nothing spells the ultimate purchase like a curved TV.

What better way to enjoy those big Champions League nights or the latest Transformers blockbuster then on the world’s coolest TV?

If you would like to discuss having your Curved TV wall mounted by the Digital Dimensions team, get in touch with us today. Give us a call on 01473 716 976 or use our contact form.

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Kārlis Dambrāns

20 Jan, 16



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