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Do Decent Cables Really Make a Difference to Your TV?

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Is your television playing up? Have you tried “turning it on and off again” to no avail? The problem may not be with the set itself, but with the cables used to connect it.

Here at Digital Dimensions, we specialise in installing and troubleshooting problems with digital televisions and, what many customers don’t know, is that their cables really can make a difference to their TVs. While aerial issues are also common, often the cables which connect everything are the real problem.

Wear and Tear

Just as other appliances can “go on the blink” as they get older and their connections loosen, so too can the cables which connect your television. Loose and/or damaged connections are often prime culprits for a bad signal, but worn out wires along the length of a cable can also take their toll. Checking the “health” of your cables and connections both between devices (like your TV and your set top box) and external aerial plugs may help you locate the cause of any fuzziness or poor service.

Crossed Wires

If you’ve ever turned on the hoover only to hear your spouse start cursing at the television, you’ll know that there are many household appliances which can affect the performance of your TV. Known as “in-home interference”; tumble driers, lawnmowers and fluorescent lighting can all have an effect, particularly where their cables and leads run close to those which connect your TV set. Quality cabling which avoids these other, potentially problematic wires, will help ensure you enjoy a better telly-watching experience.

Multi Room Televisions

If you want televisions in multiple rooms, the correct aerials and cabling are essential to ensure great service with no interference. From setting up extra satellite points to ensuring cabling is well organised and carefully carried out (to prevent mix ups and crossover), a quality service using quality cabling is essential.

Are you experiencing difficulties with your television set? Digital Dimensions can help. From troubleshooting problems with cables to completing expert satellite, freeview and aerial installations, we can help ensure you receive the best reception and service. For more information, get in touch with our team, operating across Essex and Suffolk, today on 01473 716 976.

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