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FM and DAB Radio Aerials

DAB Radio

FM and DAB Radio Aerials

At Digital Dimensions, we are the local experts at the installation, maintenance and repair of FM and DAB radio aerials. We complete installations of radio aerials throughout East Anglia and its surrounding areas, ensuring that each aerial is installed with care and attention, guaranteeing its long life and continued efficiency.


Here at Digital Dimensions, we understand that TV is not everyone’s cup of tea. Listening to your favourite radio show over a morning coffee can be a real pleasure and for many householders is a relaxing start to the day. For this reason, we provide a comprehensive service of installation for your household, with appointments made to work around your busy schedule, even if that means typically out of hours timings. Householders need only get in contact with Digital Dimensions and we will work in a fast, efficient manner to install your aerial with minimal disruption to the household.

Business Owners

In many offices and places of work, a radio is an important fixture to contribute towards general office productivity. We believe that music and a small amount of background noise can help to create a relaxed and productive work environment. For this reason, Digital Dimensions work closely with business owners throughout East Anglia and the surrounding area to provide a comprehensive FM and DAB radio aerial installation service.

Whether you’re an avid chart follower or prefer an episode of The Archers over a cup of tea, Digital Dimensions have the expertise to help with your listening pleasure.

To discuss installing an FM or DAB radio aerial, get in contact with Digital Dimensions today.

Contact us

If you are looking for the experts in FM and DAB Radio Aerials in and around Suffolk, then call us on 01473 16976 and someone from our team will be able to help with your enquiry.


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