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How Will You Be Watching Euro 2016?

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Keen fan or ardent football avoider, it probably won’t have escaped your attention that 2016 is another tournament year. Just when you thought the seemingly never ending round of Premier League and Championship matches had come to an end, along comes UEFA Euro 2016 to give supporters another great reason to sit on their backsides and watch the telly.

But how are you going to watch England get knocked out in the group stages this year? Call me a pessimist, but 50 years of hurt and all that…

At Home or Down the Pub?

The perennial question for every football fan: Do you go to the pub to take in the atmosphere and risk only being able to view half of the screen? Or do you settle down in the comfort of your own home with a never ending supply of snacks, ales and peace and quiet? It’s really a toss up between viewing experience and atmosphere. Why not enjoy the best of both worlds and invite a few friends round to create an atmosphere of your own?

Who’s Broadcasting the England Games?

If you’ve suffered all season from a lack of Sky or BT Sport, you’ll be delighted to hear that live coverage of Euro 2016 will be shared between BBC and ITV. So, as well as watching all the England games (hopefully there’ll be more than three), you’ll also be able to see the likes of Paul Pogba, Thomas Müller, Gareth Bale and the other big names shine.

Is it Being Shown in HD or Ultra-HD 4K?

4K, also known as Ultra High Definition or UHD, is on course to be the next truly mainstream TV tech advancement. The same was probably said about 3D TV, but in this case, it’s true. 4K televisions up the HD ante by four. While Full HD broadcasts a picture resolution of 1920 x 1080, 4K produces a 3840 x 2160.

If you’re one of the early adopters, you’ll probably want to know whether you’ll be able to watch the Euros in Ultra-HD. Currently, the only channels that have announced 4K options are Rai in Italy and RTP in Portugal, and that will only be available from the quarter finals onwards. If you want to enjoy the ultimate viewing experience, talk to us about our European satellite installation service.

Can a Home or Pub Experience Compare to Being in the Stadium?

That really depends on the type of experience you’re looking for. Going to France to watch an England game could be the experience of a lifetime, but it’s certainly going to cost you. The quality of modern televisions is such that you can enjoy the best seat in the house from the comfort of your own home. And, if we’re really playing badly, you can turn it off half way through!

At Digital Dimensions, we build bespoke packages that are tailored to your individual requirements and offer an expert TV installation service to complete your Euro 2016 preparations. Get in touch with our team to discuss your setup today.

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