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Should I Get a New Aerial to Receive Digital Signals?

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If you were aware of the “digital switchover” which took place in the UK between 2007-2012 (as the government switched off the country’s old analogue service once and for all) you likely know that your old analogue aerial is fully capable of receiving digital signals.

What you may not know, however, is that analogue aerials have a shelf life when it comes to quality and that, although they are perfectly capable of receiving digital signals, they have not been specifically made for this purpose. With most analogue aerials currently in use now at least ten years old, the quality of digital signals and the appearance of digital television is now not at its peak in many UK homes.

Why Go Digital?

There’s a number of reasons why old analogue aerials may not be giving you your best viewing experience. With analogue aerials steadily ageing on UK roofs, the wear and tear they sustain can gradually impact on their performance.

Meanwhile, a significant increase in the quantity of digital devices we now use (from smart heating and smartphones, to tablets and digital radios) has added to the amount of interference that can affect analogue aerials which have not been designed to perform under a barrage of other radio waves and signals.

The effect of this on your viewing experience may not be dramatic, but it can be irritating – and it can be vastly improved. Those using an analogue aerial may be more likely to experience:

  • Freezing pictures
  • Macroblocking (which makes images juddery and appear to “break up”)
  • “No signal” messages
  • Disappearing screens which go black or leave a red dot

Time to Upgrade Your Aerial?

If you’ve suffered from these televisual annoyances, it may be time to upgrade to a purpose-designed, more “digital friendly” aerial for superior quality viewing.

Opting for an internal aerial is a great option for those keen to protect their technology from the elements, but those outside a 15-mile radius of the nearest transmitter will struggle to get good reception. Homeowners outside this radius should opt for an externally mounted aerial which guarantees crystal clear reception from up to 30 miles away.

Not sure which TV aerial is right for you or where your nearest transmitter is located? The experts at Digital Dimensions can help and support you through every step of your installation. Find out more about our home aerial installation services online or contact our team directly on 01473 716 976.

27 Jul, 16



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