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Poor Reception

Satellite Installation

At Digital Dimensions, we understand that there are few things more frustrating in the household or in the workplace than poor reception on a television. Unfortunately, poor reception always seems to strike at the most vital times, and whilst it can cause great disruption in the workplace, it can also be the source of great irritation at home, particularly if poor reception occurs in the middle of your favourite TV series or an important sporting tournament.

Book an Appointment

If poor reception is affecting either your home or workplace, you should speak to Digital Dimensions today to book an engineer to pay you a visit and correct your poor reception issues. We promise to work quickly to identify the source of your reception issues and correct the problems as soon as possible, causing minimal disruption to you, your family and your colleagues.

There really is no need to let poor reception linger and continue to disrupt your viewing schedule, we can correct any issues that may be causing you to receive poor reception on your television. Don’t settle for anything other than crystal clear display, speak to Digital Dimensions to correct your poor reception.

To book an appointment to resolve your poor reception issues, get in contact with Digital Dimensions today.

Do You Supply Aerials?

Yes, we supply aerials as well as installing customer’s own equipment.

I Am 10 Miles Out Of Your Area, Can You Still Get To Me?

Yes, we cover a 50 mile radius of Ipswich.

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