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Televisions, Technique and Testing

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At Digital Dimensions we understand the problems that occur from a poorly fitted television set, which is why we survey the area before we begin spirit levelling the walls. We also take into consideration the position, weight, electrical wiring, signal and setup.

As you can see, fixing your new TV to the wall is not a simple quick-fix solution, so you’re advised to call in the experts to protect your health (and your wallet) from potential accidents or problems with reception and/or fixture integrity further down the line.

What health problems?

If you’re tilting your head to look up at your TV screen, you should think about the effect this has on your health in the long run. Most commonly, problems in your neck, back and shoulders can arise through the build up of tension. Ergonomic specialists confirm this leads to the restriction of flexibility, which causes aches and pains.

Another mistake we’ve come across over the years are televisions being fitted above the fireplace. Positioning your TV here is a bad move, here are three reasons why;

1) The above health issues may occur over time.

2) This will diminish the TV set’s lifespan due to heat overload, which in turn can invalidate the TV’s warranty.

3) The picture’s colour and brightness is affected as your screen needs to be at eye level. It’s more noticeable on HD TVs.


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Poor quality and incorrect equipment that is not intended for use with your set is a big contributor to TVs falling off their mounts, damaging flooring and injuring people. This can be due to inexperience or taking shortcuts.

For Smart TV installation, it is important to assess all the above, but also consider the internet connection and signal strength before making any big purchases.

It’s always a disappointment when you can’t use your new purchase straightaway.

Establish whether your internet bandwidth is strong enough to support the wi-fi requirements of your Smart TV, as poor internet will disrupt viewing or others relying on the internet. Questions to consider;

Is your wi-fi bandwidth strong?
Does your current package provide you with unlimited usage?
Do you require a compatible dongle?

Overall, true professionals will factor in all of the above and advise on any changes, as well as ensuring their work falls inline with electrical & safety regulations. They will also avoid fixing to weak internal walls and will make sure they avoid any existing electrical wiring.

Consult an expert

TrustPilot Digital Dimensions

When it comes to installing your new television, we offer the following services;

1) Expert positioning & installation

2) Full setup & testing

3) Connection to internet or dongle

Give Digital Dimensions a call today on 01473 716 976 to discuss how we can help you!

And remember folks, “safety never takes a holiday!”

28 Jan, 16



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