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The 3 Best Channels on Freeview

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It’s a common fact that there really is nothing quite like finding that perfect TV channel that just seems to understand your viewing habits, whatever these may be. On a relaxing weekend afternoon, it’s nice to know that you can simply flick onto your channel of choice and know that one of your favourites will be on. Freeview is a great service that really does offer a plethora of great channels, so we’re happy to find you Freeview’s best channels.


Yep, it’s the old favourite, Dave. For easy watching, there really is nothing like Dave with panel shows aplenty being the source of a generous flow of comedy, and of course, who can forget all of those Top Gear repeats. I recent years, Dave has also started to create some original programming, which only hints at a better channel.


For the film lovers amongst you, the free channel Film4 is a great addition to the Freeview package. With a vast selection of older films and newer films, blockbuster and more niche, art house selections, Film4 is a trusty friend of the Freeview customer, just watch out for Saturday nights when they break out the scary films.

BBC Three

The outrage that surrounded the announcement that BBC Three would be cut just proved how popular BBC Three really is. A great selection of original comedies, panel shows and dramas make BBC Three one of the most immediately watchable channels currently available of Freeview. Will you be joining the #SaveBBCThree movement?

Honourable mentions also go to E4, Quest and VIVA as well as the selection of HD channels available to BBC and ITV viewers.

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Do you have a favourite Freeview channel, let us know in the comments section below.

16 Dec, 14



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