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Vue Bringing 9 New Screens to Ipswich, But Are Our Homes Able to Match That?

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You may or may not have heard, but a whole lot more screens are set to come to Ipswich. Cinema giant, Vue is set to turn Ipswich Buttermarket’s anchor department store, formerly Allders, into a huge new cinema complex. Work has seen delays in recent weeks, but a nine-screen cinema is expected to be completed in the near future.

Vue Plans Ipswich2

New plans for the Vue Cinema in Ipswich

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The construction led us to ask the question, can your home top nine screens?

What is the Multi-Screen Takeover?

Remember those days, when your home had only the one screen, that little TV in the living room that everyone crowded round for Eastenders or the latest England game. Well those days are long gone, every home now has multiple TVs, phones, tablets and more, and all are connected. Your home has been taken over by your multiple screens.

Bye Bye Personal Cinema

For many homeowners, a personal cinema room has always been the ultimate status symbol, and somewhat of a personal goal. However, the introduction of pay as you view services such as Netflix have seen interconnection between devices become a more important priority, and the weight that the screen size carried as a status symbol has now been superseded by the number of screens in a household.


Is the home cinema a thing of the past?

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In essence, instead of matching a cinema for the awe-inspiring wow factor of the screen, people now attempt to match a cinema complex for the number of available screens.

The Next Step?

Whilst in the near future the usage of online television applications will dominate how we consume media, the far future may see a full circle, with the prestige of a huge screen and a cinema room once again becoming the goal for homeowners. Much of the development is dependent upon the gadgets that find their way into stores in the next few years, so we’ll be closely watching what the big tech companies, like Apple and Microsoft are launching.

Take a look at the room around you, have a look how many screens you have in the room and how many you are using…the answer may surprise you.

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14 Jan, 16



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